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I almost forgot to mention…

After rereading my post from Monday I think I need a little disclaimer so people don’t think that I work at a middle school full of nutso kids.  I am the “Outreach Counselor” at my middle school, which basically means that I work with the 30ish kids at school that are considered “at-risk” and need counseling and sometime an educational program that is different from the “norm.”  They aren’t captured in another special program, like Special Education, but it’s obvious that for one reason or another, they need extra attention.

Now, that’s not to say that our regular middle schoolers won’t sometimes do something ridiculous that gets me blogging about them, cause, hey – they are middle schoolers.  If you know middle school, then you know that each day is an adventure.  BUT, my kids at school (the ones I was talking about on Monday) are a little above-and-beyond the normal middle school mayhem, and please know, that they are the minority.  I love my school – the kids and (most of) the faculty and staff – my school is super-awesome.  I just thought you should know.

Happy Crazy Hair Day!

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Monday Middle School Madness

It’s only Monday and:

A parent was waiting for me when I came in to work

There was a referral in my box and another handed to me by 8:15am (for the same kid)

The “same kid” was with me more than half the school day

The “same kid” has in school suspension tomorrow

I had to call the “same kid’s” dad

The parent who was waiting for me in the morning came back to school without warning so his daughter could see her dog

His daughter didn’t have her uniform shirt or appropriate shorts on today

I gave his daughter a shirt to borrow, which she wore

The Vice Principal gave her shorts to borrow which she wouldn’t wear

She snuck in the health room to call her Mom for permission to go home and change

Mom gave her permission

(Mom and Dad don’t get along)

It took her an hour and a half to come back, and when she did come back, she came with fast food for her younger brother and a handful of other students

The shirt I let her borrow had to come home with me today so I could wash it

I had to text a parent whose phone doesn’t allow voice mails because her son was nauseous

She finally called back after two hours and wouldn’t let him go home

He almost walked off campus, but let me coax him back after talking at the fence in the hot sun for 15 minutes

A student misled me

A student thanked me

I have three students I can’t even get to come to school

I wore my pajamas to school today

It’s SPIRIT WEEK, and today was Pajama Day (ha ha)

It’s the last week of first quarter

And three days away from the first school dance

And four days away from a one-week break

I think I’m pretty ready for that one-week break!

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It was my idea…

When I finally got up the nerve to start this blog, I knew its title would need to be perfect.  And since it was mine, the only acceptable  way to name my blog would be to use a word or idea I made up.  It’s a little known fact about me, but I’ve been making up words for some time now.  My imagination as a child was nothing less than exceptional (or at least that’s what my imaginary friends said), and so it was completely natural for me to make up words when I couldn’t quite find the one I needed.  An example is “cattached.”  It’s a word combining “connected” and “attached.”  Simple, catchy, and VERY Kristin-ish.  I don’t remember what exactly was going on that day, but I clearly remember being at my BFF’s house when this new word was born.  I wish I could remember the context in which the word was being used, but I can’t.  I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, because at the end of the day, if you say “cattached” to me or Tamara, we are both 13ish again and laughing out loud.  I even grew up and married a guy who shares my gift for making up words!  We are responsible for such treasures as “GREATASTIC,” “MAGOSIS LOWSIS” and “WA.”   I know you all are familiar with these words and use them frequently, right?  Hello?

But anyway, back to the title of my blog (I’m prone to random tangents – you’ve been warned).  I knew I needed a short catchy name, but what?  A line from a favorite song?  No.  A quote from a favorite book?  No.  My name?  Definitely no.  Then it came to me – Lifeology.  My blog was going to be about my life – my life as a wife/mom/sister/daughter/middle school counselor/etc, so why not “Lifeology, ” a cool made up word that would mean something to the effect of the study (ology) of my life!  Perfect!  Until I googled it and realized that I didn’t make it up – someone else has already started using it and it was all over the world-wide web.  And as I was ready to ditch the title and start my search again, I read Urban Dictionary’s definition of the word I thought I made up:

Lifeology: The study of peoples personal lives through there biography to form generalizations about life. The difference between traditional biography and lifeology is that traditional biography only studies famous,wealthy and successful people but lifeology studies the biographies of all people successful or unsuccessful in there lives to learn about the personal life of humankind. It is a very young science but it has much to contribute to the understanding of life and how life can be made better.

And despite the misuse of “there” in the definition I decided it was a pretty good title anyway, even if it wasn’t my idea first.

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Hello world!

So I did it.  I made a blog.  I’ve been wanting to do it, talking about it, thinking about it, dreaming about it (well maybe not literally) and now I’ve done it.  Now I just have to get the nerve up to actually write more than a few sentences.  I will.  I will find my nerve and tell people that I have a blog and then I will enjoy my blog and see what happens.

Until then, quoting WordPress as it named my first post, I say, “hello world!”