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How To Make Me Happy

I wanted to participate in Bloggy Moms’ Writer’s Workshop, but I’ve been a grumperella since yesterday.  Oh, sorry, it’s another Kristin-made word: grumperella: (noun) – a grumpy female.  Anyway, my mood didn’t translate into anything I felt was appropriate for a “how to” post.  “How to be a grown-up baby” and “How to piss me off” just didn’t seem like blog posts I should be publishing.  So, I thought I’d go with something more positive.  I think the others might be more entertaining, BUT, I’m trying to play nice.

How to Make Me Happy (10 things under $10)

1.  An uninterrupted nap, ideally around 2 hours long (I don’t believe in “power naps”)

2.  Coke Slurpee (yum!)

3.  Dark Chocolate Mocha Ice Blended from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (or any other drink they have – I ❤ CBTL)

4.  Mocha Frappe or Iced Coffee from McDonald’s (do you notice the caffeine theme?)

5.  Time alone in my van driving with the iPod and the music cranked WAY too loud.

6.  A book and time/space to read.


I love this man.  He is everything to me and just being near him makes me happy.





Ah, my oldest girl – my big girl helper, singer, and goof ball.






My sweet Robi-Robes, always hugging and kissing me and spontaneously professing her love for me.





And last, but not least, my handsome baby boy, Robert David.  His snuggle and sweet face are what  happiness is made of.





So what makes YOU happy?

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A What?

In the shower my four-year-old is recounting the details from a cartoon she watched and really liked:

Her:  And then she found a wope.

Me: A rope?

Her:  No, a wope.

Me: A robe?

Her: No, Mom, a WOPE.

Me: Um…a wope?

Her: No, A WOPE…ah-woooooo (howling loudly)…a WOPE.

Me and her:  Laughing hysterically

Me: Oh, a WOLF!

Her: Yes, silly Mommy, a WOPE.


I guess I am pretty silly.  Ah-woooooooooo!



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My Birthday Resolution (Part 3)

Check out Part 1 for some background and Part 2 if you’re cool like that!

Dear Robert,

Look at you, my sweet baby! You are seven and a half months old today. What a wonderful addition to our family you have been – a genuinely sweet, good baby…and finally, our baby boy – named after your Daddy and Papa. You really do complete our family. I know it’s very cliche, but I’m serious. You were what we needed to fill our already happy lives. You are the perfect type of baby to be the youngest in our family. Very cheerful, snuggly, you love to interact with others, and you love being kissed/hugged/carried by anyone who is willing. At this moment in time, I would say that Trista is probably your favorite person – she can get you cracking up by doing almost nothing…a word, a face, anything. She’s got a way with you and you just adore her, as she adores you. It’s not that you don’t enjoy Robi, me or your Dad, but Trista gives you special attention and because of it, you two have a very special bond. It’s really nice to watch.

This week you suffered your first “real” illness and fever. It was terribly sad. You needed to be within arms reach of me, and if I ventured further, you’d cry. While next to you, you basically just wanted to lean your little head on me or hold my hand. You are feeling much better now, but not 100% just yet. I’m sure it’s just a matter of days.

You are just on the verge of crawling. You get on your hands and knees and rock and rock, but you haven’t coordinated your movements yet. Maybe this weekend? During the weekdays when your Dad and I are at work you spend time with Aunty Beth, who loves you almost as much as we do. She spoils you a lot and when I kept you home sick this week she texted me a few times checking on you because she missed you terribly.

I am realizing that I could go on and on, but I’ll stop for now. I am so excited to see how you will grow and change over the next year. I am so lucky that you came into our lives – I love you my sweet baby boy!

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My Birthday Resolution (Part 2)

**This is a continuation of My Birthday Resolution (Part 1).  You might want to read that first for some background, if you like background, that is.

Dear Robina,

The year is 2010 and you are 4 years old and in your second year in preschool.  Your teachers are Ms. Cyndy and Ms. Katy – Ms. Katy took over for Mrs. Geer (who was Trista’s teacher) who had her first baby.  This is a rare picture of you.  You are going through a stage where when you see the camera you (a) make a goofy-toothy smile, (b) pose for a split second and then quickly move on to another activity resulting in a blur of Robi, or (c) go on about your activities without care or attention to the camera and photographer.  That being said, this picture is from our summer camping trip.  You are sitting with your little legs crossed watching your cousins and Daddy fooling around which you think is quite funny, hence the perfect Robina smile.  I wonder how long you’ll last in this funny-photo stage.

You are possibly the sweetest and most sensitive children I have ever met.  You are absolutely in tune with how others feel, especially me.  You immediately read my emotions and work hard to try to change my mood when I’m upset.  You are slightly irresistible and usually are able to snap me out of a rotten mood pretty quickly.  I call you my “Jasper.”  It’s a Twilight reference.  If you haven’t read this series, please go see if you can find it  – you’ll enjoy it.  I really do.  The author is Stephanie Meyer.  You love reading, in fact you’ve been carrying around books for people to read to you since you were able to walk.  There’s a book at school you love so much (Ruby the Copycat) one of the afterschool teachers purchased the book for you.  There’s you and that charm again.  You are absolutely irresistible.

You love school – your friends, chapel, your teachers, recess, learning, but school has been hard.  You have been on anti-seizure meds for over a year now (you had two seizures in May/June 2009 and have been diagnosed as epileptic) and we’re not sure what struggles are related to the side effects of the meds and what’s just you.  You are having a particularly hard time with fine motor skills, but I’m working hard with you and the doctors to figure it out.  Just for the record, please know that your Dad and I agonize over every medical decision that needs making (for you and your siblings) and we are hopeful that our decisions are the right ones.  It’s been a long year of EEGs, an MRI and lots and lots of questions.  Whatever becomes of all of this, I love you, and I’ll always be right there with you fighting to figure it out.

You are a pink and purple loving, locks of love donating, Care Bear crazy, Tinker Bell and Hello Kitty kinda girl.  You will do just about anything for chocolate milk, chocolate raisins and/or candy corn.  You are my Robi-Robes, Robilicious, Robilani, sparkly-land sweetheart, and I love you just the way you are.

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My Birthday Resolution (Part 1)

So this year on my birthday I came up with a wonderful idea.  I would buy three boxes – one for each of the kiddies.  Every year around my birthday I would write a letter to each of them – with a picture and little tidbits about them, our lives and maybe even the world around us.  I know this idea is probably not original, but I like it anyway…just like the name of my blog, ha ha ha.  But anyway, I thought I could share a little…for fun, and so you all can meet my kids – I think they’re pretty great!

Dear Trista,

It’s 2010 and you are 6 years old.  You are a 1st grader in Mrs. Otani’s class – she’s very strict, and you have been having some “issues.”  You are fiercely righteous and sometimes get yourself into trouble when you try to take things into your own hands.  Although I reprimand you and we discuss choices and consequences, your Dad and I are proud that you stand up for yourself and others.  I hope you learn to balance it all out.  When you grow up you (still) want to be a “cowgirl who fixes people’s houses.”  You’ve wanted to be this since Preschool, although lately you’ve started talking about being a doctor, too.  You also want to be on American Idol AND So You Think You Can Dance.  You still make up songs and sing all the time, and you’re learning how to play ukulele and you go to hula once a week.

You are a messy eater, and we think it’s because you got used to eating from the side of your mouth when you lost your front teeth.  You’re still doing it and your front teeth are definitely in.  You are kinda messy, period.  You just leave a trail of toys/clothes/pens/food wherever you go.  It drives your Dad crazy.  You are blessed with the gift of stubbornness – I tell people that you have all of me and your Dad’s stubbornness wrapped up in your six-year-old self.  This drives me crazy – you and I both like to have the last word.  I need to work on this.

I chose this picture because it’s one of my favorite “faces of Trista.”  Your baby brother is 7 months old and you adore him in a way that makes my heart swell.  You make “faces” at him and it cracks him up – every time, no matter what.  You are the thing that always makes him happy.  You are a wonderful big sister – and it’s so nice to have your help with him.  I love your sweet and generous heart for your sister and brother and I hope that the three of you will stay close as the years pass.

Good night my sweet Trista Belle, may you (and pink pillow) sleep well.

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The Speed of Sound

Can someone please explain to me how sound changes with the onset of nighttime hours?  I’m sure it’s a phenomenon that all parents experience when they have an infant in the house, but really, what is it?  Is it because I’ve been woken up from blissful sleep by what sounds like tears of extreme suffering?  Is it because my usually loud and busy street has fallen silent on this night of all nights?  Is it because I want desperately not to wake up the other sleeping children in the house?

I need to know because the last two nights my baby has been having issues.  Issues with waking up a few hours after he has fallen asleep. Issues that include all of a sudden screaming at the top of his lungs and making me and his father fly out of bed. And what’s worse is that last night we couldn’t make it stop.  He ate, he fell back asleep, and screamed some more…then I carried him, he fell back asleep and then my stupid dog started barking at nothing and woke him up again.  And then it was over.  He cried and cried and cried forever.  I feel so sorry for our neighbors.  He’s already woken up tonight.  I’m still tired from being up with him last night.  I hope he stays asleep.  And that my dog found a brain.  And yes, I know I’m spoiled that he’s been sleeping through the night for so long.

So what is it with sound at night, anyway?