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The Speed of Sound

Can someone please explain to me how sound changes with the onset of nighttime hours?  I’m sure it’s a phenomenon that all parents experience when they have an infant in the house, but really, what is it?  Is it because I’ve been woken up from blissful sleep by what sounds like tears of extreme suffering?  Is it because my usually loud and busy street has fallen silent on this night of all nights?  Is it because I want desperately not to wake up the other sleeping children in the house?

I need to know because the last two nights my baby has been having issues.  Issues with waking up a few hours after he has fallen asleep. Issues that include all of a sudden screaming at the top of his lungs and making me and his father fly out of bed. And what’s worse is that last night we couldn’t make it stop.  He ate, he fell back asleep, and screamed some more…then I carried him, he fell back asleep and then my stupid dog started barking at nothing and woke him up again.  And then it was over.  He cried and cried and cried forever.  I feel so sorry for our neighbors.  He’s already woken up tonight.  I’m still tired from being up with him last night.  I hope he stays asleep.  And that my dog found a brain.  And yes, I know I’m spoiled that he’s been sleeping through the night for so long.

So what is it with sound at night, anyway?



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