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Help! I’ve been abducted by children…

I’m a college educated mother of three who works outside of the home, because I need and want to.  I’m no rocket scientist, but I consider myself to be kinda smart and capable of complex thinking and problem solving.  I grew up with brothers and never was really one for girlie-girl, cutesy pink and princessy type nonsense.  And on top of everything else, my husband and I are sure to make time for us as a grown-up couple, so we’re not always immersed in the universe of our children.

Imagine then, my surprise when I find myself arguing with my six-year-old, no, not arguing – DEBATING with my six-year-old on the issue of whether or not we’ve seen the Barbie movie that is going to be delivered to our mailbox from Netflix.

“No, we have not seen Fairytopia.  Fairytopia is the movie that comes before Mermaidia.  In the beginning of Mermadia, they tell you a little bit about what happens in Fairytopia so you know how important Elina’s wings are to her…ya know when she had to trade them in for a mermaid tale.”

I stopped, after clearly winning the debate with my six-year-old, and then the reality of what just happened set in.  I looked at my husband.  He’s got that smile on his face – the one that is reserved for the very special moments when I’ve clearly made an arse out of myself.  “Nice, ” he says.  “Shut up,” I reply.  “Did I really waste energy and brain power on a Barbie movie?”  “Yup,” he says still smiling with THAT smile, now permanently affixed to his face.

Great.  This is really what I’ve become.  Please, someone – help me.  I’ve clearly been abducted by my children…it’s really all their fault.

And I love it.


I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, middle school counselor, a music and animal lover, a mac-preferer and a work in progress. I haven't had enough sleep in six years, but my life is one heck of a ride - care to join me on my adventures?

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