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My First Lesson of Motherhood

My first lesson of motherhood remains the one I’m still learning.  The date was March 12, 2004 and I was very, very pregnant – due on Aril 1st.  Yes, I was going to have an April Fool’s Day baby.  It was a Friday, and I was sharing pick up and drop off duties of my niece and nephew since my brother-in-law was not well.  I picked up the kids, and we were driving home, planning our trip to the local carnival opening in our small town that weekend when my phone rang.  It was my OB’s nurse.

“Kristin, ” she said, “Dr. Inouye wants you to come in to the hospital tonight.”

“Excuse me?”  I confusedly mumble.

“Dr. Inouye is concerned about some of your test results from your appointment yesterday.  She wants you to come in to the hospital.  Your husband should come with you.  And you should bring your bag.”

“Why do I need my bag?”  I ask, completely shocked at the phone call, mind racing about all the things I was going to do that evening/weekend/the next week, etc.

“Dr. Inouye thinks it’s time to have a baby, ” the nurse cheerfully informed me.

“Oh, um, okay.  I guess I’ll, um, tell my husband when I get home.  Um, I’m kinda not packed…am I in a rush?”

“Take a shower, pack your bag, get some dinner and come eat here at the hospital, Kristin.  It’s gonna be a fun night.  See you soon!”

My niece and nephew, hearing my side of the conversation, are naturally curious, so I tell them that my doctor thinks it’s time for me to have the baby.  My nephew, my Godson, laughs out loud.  “That’s so crazy, Aunty Triss.”  And ya know, I really had to agree.  But, my first lesson of motherhood was now in full swing: pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and children are really not in your control.

The story has a mostly happy ending – my labor was induced due to worries of high blood pressure.  And after petocin, having my water broken, and what seemed like years of pushing, my daughter was born at 5:05am on March 13th.  It has been a wild ride, and I’m still a recovering control freak – thanks to being a mother.  And although I’m still trying to embrace my loss of control and order in life, I have three beautiful children who make it all worthwhile.

“Control is never achieved when sought after directly. It is the surprising outcome of letting go.” ~James Arthur Ray

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