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Desperately Seeking Costco Apple Pie

Costco apple pie is one of my all time favorite treats in the whole world.  I love them.  I look for them every time we go to Costco, smile at the deliciously perfect pies, and sometimes, when I’ve been really good, I buy a pie and split it with my sweet mother-in-law, who also loves them.  But sadly, they have been missing from my Costco, and the other Costcos on O’ahu for a long, long time.  Too long.  Even my 6-year old checks the bakery section for apple pie when we go, sadly informing me (again and again) that there’s no apple pie.

I am officially desperate for Costco apple pie.  It’s a treat I associate with the holidays.  Thanksgiving is made of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and apple pie.  We’re going to Costco on Friday…please let there be apple pie.  Please.  Don’t make me harass the bakery people, ’cause I’ll do it.


Good night.  Sweet apple pie dreams!



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