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Mosquitos Suck

Just for the record, I would like to express how much I hate mosquitos.  After all the rain we’ve had, the mosquitos are going crazy on the island.  And when I say going crazy, I mean snacking on my children.  We have closed all the bedroom windows, applied mosquito repellent at bedtime, and checked the yard for standing water.  It doesn’t matter – the kids are bitten and keep getting bitten every day.  We went to Walmart and the mall today and everywhere I went I saw parents with kids who looked just like mine.  It is our common, post-rain bond of motherhood…itchy kids.

Poor Robi has the most – tons all over and at least  dozen on her face.  Robby D had polka dotted feet and legs (and a very itchy ear that’s been waking him up tonight).  Trista is all legs and arms. I feel so junk about it – I can’t protect them and I can’t fix them either. I went looking for mosquito punks yesterday and today and all three stores I visited were sold out.  I can’t leave unattended candles burning and the stores were completely sold out of any other options.  Boo.

Screw you, Mosquitos.  You Suck.



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