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Cement in My Kitchen

Betcha didn’t know that bananas double as cement, huh?  They do.  I know now because I have a baby boy.  This baby boy, let’s call him RD3, LOVES bananas.  This cute little RD3 likes to eat bananas in a way that is, well, less than neat.  He actually eats everything like this, but I won’t go there today – too messy.

Anyway, so Mr. RD3 eats some banana today while at his Aunty Beth’s house, and he got some in his hair (nothing new).  Aunty Beth cleaned him up, but missed the hair banana…because I mean, why would she be cleaning his hair?  He was EATING after all, not getting a shampoo.  So, anyway, this hunk of squashed banana lived in his hair for the afternoon and evening and was totally stuck in his hair.  CEMENTED in his hair.  Even the bath and soap was not quite enough to  free the stuff.  Let’s just say that at the end of bathtime, little bits of banana and hair were drifting down the drain…

So, although I’m not going to rush out and suggest the Three Little Pigs trade in their house of bricks for one of bananas, I bet Pip and Squeak could use some bananas when it comes time for home renovations.  And I will continue to give my messy baby boy that extra bath after he’s been eating, or wearing, bananas.  He’s too cute with hair to watch any more go down the drain.



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