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To cut or not to cut (my baby’s hair): POLL

Help me, please.  This weekend after my daughter’s baseball game, one of the grandmothers said to me, “Oh, you have three girls?”  “No,” I chuckled looking as my sweet baby boy wearing a very cool Quicksilver t-shirt (from his Aunty Jenn) with a skeleton surfer on it.  “This one’s a boy – he’s just so darn cute, he’s kinda pretty.”  Grandma tries to recover from her embarassment and says, “Well it’s because of his hair – those long curls make him look like a girl.”  We all share a laugh, and Grandma’s daughter reminds Grandma that her son was often mistaken for a girl also.  The conversation continues in this jovial manner, but now the bug has been planted in my brain.

Is his hair too long?

Should we be cutting it?

When they heck do people first cut their baby boy’s hair, anyway?

So, please help me.  I’m looking for some public opinion…

Here’s my baby:

So what do you think?

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Sightseeing in traffic

Today it took me three and a half hours to get home.  I left work at 3:15pm with plans to pick up my oldest daughter and get her to her baseball game nice and early.  Then I’d pick up my younger daughter and meet my husband and baby to watch the game and enjoy the evening as a family.  It was not to be.  There was big trouble in paradise this afternoon with a carjacking and shooting resulting in a traffic nightmare.

I’m not gonna lie.  Traffic sucks.  It sucked that my daughter missed her game (her uniform and equiptment was in my van).  BUT, I had a full tank of (very expensive) gas, a reliable car, and my iPhone handy to snap some pictures along the way.

Here’s me trying to look happy.


And check this out!  There are planter boxes on the freeway, complete with plants and a sprinkler system!

Ooooh…it’s still slow, but I’m back on “my” side of the island and well past all the serious drama of the day.

Hello beautiful sky!

And finally, I’m home.

Good night.

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My iPod is Speaking to me

Sometimes I think my iPod is sending me messages.  Like when a song comes on that, for whatever reason, is exactly what you needed to hear at that moment.  Or maybe it’s not my iPod.  Maybe it’s something, or someone else.

Either way, today, this was the song.  It’s one of my favorites – the song AND the movie.  Thank you iPod…