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To cut or not to cut (my baby’s hair): POLL

Help me, please.  This weekend after my daughter’s baseball game, one of the grandmothers said to me, “Oh, you have three girls?”  “No,” I chuckled looking as my sweet baby boy wearing a very cool Quicksilver t-shirt (from his Aunty Jenn) with a skeleton surfer on it.  “This one’s a boy – he’s just so darn cute, he’s kinda pretty.”  Grandma tries to recover from her embarassment and says, “Well it’s because of his hair – those long curls make him look like a girl.”  We all share a laugh, and Grandma’s daughter reminds Grandma that her son was often mistaken for a girl also.  The conversation continues in this jovial manner, but now the bug has been planted in my brain.

Is his hair too long?

Should we be cutting it?

When they heck do people first cut their baby boy’s hair, anyway?

So, please help me.  I’m looking for some public opinion…

Here’s my baby:

So what do you think?



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3 thoughts on “To cut or not to cut (my baby’s hair): POLL

  1. Nah. Leave it until you think it’s too long for a baby boy. Josh was always mistaken for a girl no matter how short his hair was. that is until we buzzed it.

    Hey it’s not Robby’s fault he’s so cute.

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