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Hello Moon

(written in jest with apologies to Margaret Wise Brown and my inspiration: “Goodnight Moon”)

In the great big world

there are children

And lots of adults

And a picture of…

The sky and a big full moon

and there were a few punks, stinking like skunks

and some school personnel going through hell

and a little smile once in a while

and a wish and a plan and a middle school clan

and a crazy counselor wishing for “He-Man”

Hello world

Hello Moon

Hello punks, you stink like skunks

Hello school personnel

Hello hell

Hello smile

Hello once in a while

Hello wish

Hello middle school and hello clan

Hello nobody,  hello plan

and hello to the counselor wishing for “He-Man”

Hello hope, hello care

Hello educators everywhere.

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Rude Awakening

Our 2012-2013 school year started three weeks ago and it’s been a different vibe. I’m used to feeling energized and excited, light and happy. However, more of a heavy vibe has settled in. I thought at first that it was due mostly to the personal losses our school has suffered. Now I see it’s much more.

Today I saw a dear friend in the late afternoon. His son is an 8th grader – a really great young man. My friend told me that he asked his son about me…and that his son said he sees me, but doesn’t say hello because I always look mad, and he doesn’t want to bother me.


I told my friend to tell his son to please say hello anyway – to help remind me of why I became a counselor to begin with. I hope he does. Mostly because he’s right: I have been mad. Mad at a small group of kids who are out of control and have been since last year. The legal system has been slow, and the result is four kids who believe they are invinsible. But I’m also mad at a couple of adults who aren’t able to be professional / think rationally / function with an ounce of common sense. Fingers are pointing and rumors are spreading, and it just pisses me off.

But I can’t control it all, and I need to remember my audience. All the good kids and good grown ups…they are watching, too. And I need them to see me being me, mostly happy and slightly crazy me. And I will try harder…after this much needed three day weekend.

Thank you for the message, Kale. I obviously needed it.