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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

One of my favorite pictures of my husband.  He really is one with nature.



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My Alter Ego Needs Help

Once upon a time I happened upon an unfortunate situation.  The unfortunate situation involved me asking a procedural question to an unfavorable co-worker who proceeded to give me unsolicited advice about how I should be doing my job.  It UNfortunately started with “If only…”  I can’t begin to emphasize how UNHAPPY this situation made me.

So, as I proceeded to painstakingly respond professionally to the accusation that I basically don’t do anything, I appeased my anger by imagining what my alter ego might do.  You know what I mean – the little bubble forms in the back of your mind and you do the unthinkable…which for me consisted of grabbing my co-worker by the hair and giving her face a taste (or two or three) of my knee.

Now I would NEVER, EVER do a crazy, violent thing like that.  But it made me feel a little better, and then I shared my “bubble ego” story with a few of my friends and we all had a good laugh.  And then I had a crazy idea:  what if I make my alter ego as a cartoon and find a simple animation ap and see what happens.

And here we are.  Let me introduce you my alter ego.  She needs your help – she needs a cool, alter-ego name!  But before you meet her you should keep in mind that:

1.  I am NOT an artist.  I’m a doodler, maybe…but NO artist.

2.  I am NOT an animator, and I clearly never will be.

Ok, world…here goes!