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Project Purple, Day 6

In two-thirds of patients diagnosed with epilepsy, the cause is unknown.

This is a really hard pill to swallow for me – I mean we knew that there was some evidence to suggest that since my husband had epilepsy there was a higher likelyhood that we could have a child with epilepsy…but the not-knowing is a killer.

I am not someone who handles “not knowing” well. Now add that to my constant worrier personality and you have a problem. I blame myself. I remember saving the bottles I used for My older daughter and reusing them for my younger one. They were in great shape and it saved some money. But now, since this was before the whole BPA-free thing, I can’t help but wonder if I did this. My husband thinks it’s his fault (the genetic thing). And we’ll just never know. Boo.

And given the statistics, we are probably not alone.




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