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Project Purple, Day 27

There is a strong link between Epilepsy and depression.  More than one of every three people with epilepsy is also affected by depression, and people with a history of depression are 3 – 7 times more likely to develop epilepsy than the average person.

Acceptance is, in my opinion, the silver bullet we need. When we feel accepted for who we are, flaws and all, I believe depression is less likely. Not true for everyone, of course. But I can see desire for acceptance in my daughter. I doubt she even realizes, but it’s there. Now to foster acceptance – well, THAT is the million dollar question. And until we do we can remember an d foster these:




I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, middle school counselor, a music and animal lover, a mac-preferer and a work in progress. I haven't had enough sleep in six years, but my life is one heck of a ride - care to join me on my adventures?

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