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Project Purple, Day 29

The leading non-medical problem confronting people with Epilepsy is DISCRIMINATION in education, employment and social acceptance.

First off, I know I’m a day late. Secondly, discrimination sucks. I believe this is the reason why many people with epilepsy (and their families) feel isolated – they are too afraid of discrimination to share their condition with others. They would rather just “go it alone,” rather than risk negative repercussions. In the end, that’s the whole point of “Project Purple:” to share, reach out and start to knock down those walls. I stand against discrimination and for Epilepsy Awareness. What do you stand for?




I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, middle school counselor, a music and animal lover, a mac-preferer and a work in progress. I haven't had enough sleep in six years, but my life is one heck of a ride - care to join me on my adventures?

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